Preparation is the key to success in offshore racing

Kick start your team's preparation with this class

Share the knowledge - invite your team - the more the afterguard, speed team and crew are involved - the better. In this class you will learn about:

  • sail selection and preparation
  • pre-race weather study
  • in-race optimal routing and tactics,
  • satellite data techniques,
  • staying safe offshore
  • and much more

Includes a presentation by veteran meteorologist Chris Bedford on A2N climatology

Don't forget the navigator: Much of the class will feature Expedition Navigation & Racing software and Peter will share his knowledge of this powerful tool. Advanced techniques will be covered including:

  • ensemble routing (crucial for pre-race prep)
  • historical weather routing (includes a 10 year historical GRIB file for doing your own weather study)


Not doing the race but interested in offshore sailing? Welcome aboard! The overall class contents will be invaluable for anyone racing offshore on the east coast and beyond.

Spread the Knowledge!

Bring the afterguard and speed team!

$69 for first team member/$45 for each additional crew


Single Student


First person plus one crew

This provides a tuition discount for the second person from the same boat. Please play fair!


First person plus two additional crew

This provides a discount for a first student plus two add'l crew from the same boat. (please play fair!)

$69 for the first person/$45 for additional.


First person plus 3 add'l crew

This provides a discount for a first student plus three add'l crew from the same boat. (please play fair) $69 for the first person/$49 for additional crew

Want to invite more crew - email us at [email protected]