The second of Marine Weather University's eight class course designed to improve your weather skills. Available as a single class or part of the complete course. In this class we zoom in close - to explore the connection between clouds and wind. For centuries sailors have known that the clouds hold clues to the wind. Science has enhanced that knowledge. We'll look at both the subjective and the objective side of this fascinating subject.

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Chris Bedford - Weather Coach

Chris is respected world-wide for the 35 years of experience and expertise in marine and coastal meteorology that he provides to the world's most accomplished and successful sailors. He is known for his straight-forward, honest, and practical approach to using weather knowledge as a competitive advantage. 

What will I learn in Class #2?

For centuries the best sailors new the importance of reading the sky. You'll discover how to connect the cloud type, its relative position and motion with your present and future wind.

Class outline:

  • Sucking clouds
  • Blowing clouds
  • Organized Clouds
  • Cloud Lines (Convergence & divergence)
  • Cloud Streets
  • Fronts
  • Thunderstorms/Squalls
  • and much more!

Class contents:

  • *Video: One hour lecture with Chris Bedford & Peter Isler
  • *Presentation notes
  • *Quiz
  • *Resource material

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